Support the organization that is helping you and other theatre artists develop new plays in the San Francisco Bay Area with a membership to Play Cafe. Playwrights, aspiring playwrights, and friends of Play Cafe are all encouraged to register as members. Your membership dues will help Play Cafe continue to provide monthly Scene Nights for local writers, offer electronic and online resources for playwrights, and produce special events such as workshops, panels, and staged readings to support the local theatre community.

View a roster of our current members.


  • Membership card
  • Electronic biography and links to your work on our website
  • Discounts on monthly Scene Nights ($5 off the $10 admission fee)
  • Discounts on special events such as workshops, panels, and conferences
  • Valid for one calendar year (e.g., January 1, 2017 through December 31, 2017) and memberships can be prorated if members join mid-year. Play Cafe is committed to making our events and resources accessible to as many people as possible. We are offering two membership levels to accommodate our participants’ different financial circumstances: regular and discounted S-memberships.

      Memberships are $72 per year and include a membership card, an electronic bio with links to your work posted on our website, and discounts on Scene Nights and special events. 

      S-Memberships are $45 per year and are designed for Students, Seniors, and people who have “Some Other Reason” for needing to register at a discounted membership rate (all benefits are the same as the regular membership benefits).

      Additional Information about Membership
      Play Cafe memberships are an opportunity to build our community. Membership in Play Cafe does not provide an opportunity to vote on Play Cafe matters. Members of the community who would like to participate in the development and growth of Play Cafe as an organization should contact Jerome Joseph Gentes to consider joining our active Steering Committee. Members and nonmembers have an equal opportunity to have their scenes read at Scene Nights, currently based on a first-come, first-served basis.


      Help put the work of local playwrights on the stage by making a contribution to Play Cafe. Make a secure, tax-deductible online donation (tax ID number: 45-3691003, tax-deductions as allowed by law):


      Or write a check to “Play Cafe, Inc.” to:

      PO Box 12162
      Berkeley, CA 94712

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