Musical Cafe Performance Sun, Jan 25

Play Cafe is proud to support the work of Northern California musical creators through our Musical Cafe project. The primary function of Musical Cafe is to gather musical book writers, lyricists, and composers to network and present their work.

In January, Musical Cafe is hosting a one-night event that showcases selected scenes and songs from five new stage musicals by Bay Area writers and composers. Works will be presented in a concert reading format.

Sunday, January 25, 2015, 6:00 p.m.
Musically Minded Academy
5776 Broadway
Oakland, CA 94618

General Admission $15

Purchase Tickets Online

Featured musicals:

THE FOUR IMMIGRANTS MANGA, by Min Kahng. Based on a documentary-style comic book written and illustrated by Henry Kiyama, this show follows the adventures of four Japanese immigrants who came to the USA in the early 20th century.

THE CRICKET ON THE HEARTH, by Richard Jennings and Pamela Winfrey. As Dot and John Peerybingle prepare their happy home for Christmas, a mysterious stranger takes up lodging at their house. Based on a Dickens novella, this musical explores the meaning of love, faith, and trust.

THE MAX FACTOR FACTOR, by Joe Blodgett, Adrian Bewley, and Chana Wise. It’s 1936, the golden age of Hollywood. The leading men from two rival movie studios fall in love. They suddenly find themselves having to navigate a dizzying world of artifice, backstabbing, lavender weddings, double-crossing starlets, and a moral crusader from the Legion of Rectitude.

SCHRODINGER’S CHRISTMAS, by Jerome Joseph Gentes and Jon Rosen. Set in Boston, Schrodinger’s Christmas is a ten-minute “opera” about love and particle physics.

This is the first of a series of Musical Cafe events. Submission guidelines coming soon!

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